Singers and semi-final line-up on Tuesday

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SVT will announce the 28 Melodifestivalen participants that will sing the songs already selected on Tuesday morning of next week. has informed us that the semifinals into which the 28 songs will go will be announced at the same time. The final four entries – the wildcards – will be announced in December.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, starting at 9:30 CET, SVT will officially announce the 28 participants to perform the songs announced last month. The Press conference is expected to last for 2 1/2 hours.

SVT will also announce which semi-finals each song and participant will be placed in, however the running order for each semi-final will not be announced. This will be determined after thewildcards have been selected.

The complete list of dates and venues:

  • 1st semi final: 3rd February in Kinnarps Arena, Jönköping
  • 2nd semi final: 10th February in the Scandinavium, Gothenburg
  • 3rd semi final: 17th February in Swebank Arena, Örnsköldsvik
  • 4th semi final: 24th February in Läkerol Arena, Gävle
  • Second chance round: 3rd March in teh Rosvalla Eventcenter, Nyköping
  • Final: 10th March in Globen Arena, Stockholm

The28 songs are:

I mina drömmar (In my dream), by Niklas Rosvall
The arrival, by Mikael Feiner, Eric Amarillo
Jag tror på människan (I believe in humans), by Johan Stentorp, Lasse Andersson, Tommy Nielson
I remember love, by Peter Hallström
Kom (Come), by Rob n' Raz, Mårten Eriksson och Lina Eriksson
A little bit of love, by Andreas Johnsson, Peter Kvint
Första gången (First time), by Bobby Ljunggren, Dan Sundqvist, Sonja Alldén
Vågar du vågar jag (Dare you, Dare I), byBobby Ljunggren, Fredrik Kempe, Henrik Wikström
A, när ni tar saken i egna händer (When you take it in your own hands), by: Kent Olsson, Henrik Wikström
Jag måste kyssa dig (I must kiss you), by Nanne och Peter Grönvall, Ingela Pling Forsman
Cara mia by Henrik Wikström
Move, by Johan Röhr, Andreas Lundstedt
Trying to recall, by Marie Lindberg
Money, by Lasse Andersson
Tror på dig (Believe in you), by Caroline af Ugglas, Mattias Thorell
Samba sambero, by Thomas G:son.
Amanda, by Jimmy Jansson, Thomas G:son
Anything but you, by Leena Gibson, Stefan Andersson.
Drop dead, by Stefan Woody, Marit Bie, Märta Grauers, Fredrik Boström.
Live forever, by Danne Atlerud, Thomas Törnholm, Michael Claus.
Clubbin' by Diane Wiston
Allt vi en gång trodde på (Everything we once believed in), by Johan Kinde
La musica by, Carl Euren, Johan Fjällström
Vi hade nåt (We had something), by Lennart Wasteson, Larry Forsberg
Ipopta vlemata ( Hypnotised), by Sofia Berndtsson, Dimitrios Stassos, Jason Gill
Förr att du finns (Because you are), by: Bobby Ljunggren, Sonja Alldén
Rainbow star, by: Fredrik Kempe, Bobby Ljunggren, Regina Lund
What's your name, by: Niklas Edberger, Kent Olsson, Henrik Wikström

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