Hear Miracle by Angelica Agurbash

by Benny Royston 215 views

Esctoday.com has exclusively been given permission to publish Angelica Agurbash's entry into the 2007 Belarusian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. For legal reasons, we would like to make it clear that this permission comes directly from the artist and management team. Angelica is hoping that the song Miracle will return her to the competition in Helsinki.

You can hear the song below, accompanied by images from Angelica's first entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Angelica has promised that if the song is accepted for the final in Belarus and/or qualifies to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest,she will create a dazzling television experience for the fans of the competition in their bid to take Belarus to the final of the competition for the first time.

Angelica has been concentrating hard on learning English since her first participation, and intends to be able to talk to fans without an interpreter if she is lucky enough to return in Helsinki. She told esctoday.com "Music is important and can bring down barriers, but I want to be able to talk properly with fans from all over Europe and get to know them too, it's something I think I missed out on a little last time".

Angelica spoke to esctoday.com earlier this week about her possible return. You can read our interview with Angelica by clicking here.

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