Angelica and Dmitry face disqualification

by Benny Royston 72 views

It has this morning transpired that Angelica Agurbash DID perform Miracle in Sweden this summer, as part of a performance in Göteborg for the European Athletics Championships! Although the song was not released commercially, by performing it publicaly just once, Angelica has broken one of the rules for the competition, and the song now seems certain to become the second Belorussian song to be discounted this year. contacted Angelica to ask if she was aware that the rule had been broken. We were told that 'The song was never recorded, it was performed only once at the last minute, it is a song that Angelica recorded whilst in Sweden and we added it to the performance because we were asked for an extra song. We got the music and Angelica sang it live, but we were told that it had not been broadcast, so we believed that the song would meet all the criteria for selection'.

You can see Angelica performing Miracle live by clicking here. The performance begins at 22 mins, 40 seconds. is awaiting a response from Belorussian broadcaster BTRC for official comment regarding both Angelica's song and that of the song Get up by Dmitry Koldun which appears to have already appeared on the commercial album release by The Ratzz.

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