Sweden: First participant in Melodifestivalen 2014 confirmed

by Lee Williscroft-Ferris 154 views

Swedish band EKO has been confirmed as the first act to compete in next year’s Melodifestivalen.

The trio, comprised of vocalist Anna Lidman along with Hannes Lundberg and Michael Ottosson, won their place in the competition to decide Sweden’s entry in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest by winning Svensktoppen Nästa 2013, a talent competition hosted by Sveriges Radio. EKO’s music is described as electronica, heavily influenced by ethnic sounds.

The band won the contest with the song Yellow but will have to compose a new track for Melodifestivalen.

After winning the competition, Lidman said: I’m crying and laughing, one after the other. Curt-Eric Holmqvist, Swedish conductor with a great deal of experience in both Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest said: EKO represent a young generation and a new musical language.

ΕΚΟ – Yellow


EKO will compete in Melodifestivalen 2014 for the right to represent Sweden in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark.