Luxembourg: Lara Fabian unveils new single before going on tour

by Yann Messina 450 views

After the song Deux ils, deux elles, the track Danse will be the second single from the album Le secret that Lara Fabian, the 1988 Eurovision entrant for Luxembourg, released back in April. The diva will kick off her international tour in September.

After the much talked-about song Deux ils, deux elles, which was referring to gay and lesbian love whereas France was still divided about the question of same sex marriage, the Belgian singer chose the track Danse as a follow-up single.

The new song is about the beauty of women and the difficulties related to time passing by. Written by Lara Fabian, the text was put into music by Janey Clewer with whom the singer worked at the very beginning of her career in the early 1990’s. Jany Clewer also penned no less than 14 songs out of the 17 that Le secret counts.

Lara Fabian’s latest album topped the French music charts and sold over 50,000 copies in 4 months. The singer will very shortly embark on a massive international tour which will last over 9 months. A few dates are already listed in our events section.