France: Joëlle Ursull prepares comeback

by Yann Messina 895 views

The runner-up of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Zagreb in 1990, French singer Joëlle Ursull, is slowly but surely preparing a comeback under the spotlights. The Guadeloupe-born artist who is regarded as a true diva in the French West Indies has been appearing on TV rather often lately and has regularly stepped on stage to perform since the beginning of the year.

Joëlle Ursull has announced working on her comeback for about 2 years now. The singer, who shot to fame at the end of the 1980’s with the very successful Caribbean band Zouk Machine and later on thanks to her cooperation with the great Serge Gainsbourg for her Eurovision entry White and Black Blues, has been performing many intimate concerts around the West Indies and even launched her own talent show Les Talents de Jo to give a hand to young artists.

On the occasion of a concert she was to give yesterday in her native Guadeloupe island with a brand new team of musicians, Joëlle Ursull answered the questions of the local newspaper France-Antilles and made it very clear: “Let me tell my public that I am still here. I mean, seriously! I realized it has been more than 7 years since I started working on a new album. I have been writing new songs but I was not feeling ready yet. I enjoyed working on Les Talents de Jo, being very focused on music and music only for more than 6 months. The experience inspired me, I wrote new material, I recorded most of it. I am almost done and feeling very happy about it”.

Some more patience then before we can discover Joëlle Ursull’s new tracks. In the meanwhile let us remember her amazing performance in Zagreb.