Russia: Alex Sparrow is back !

by Alex Noone 2,111 views

Alex Sparrow is back with music he has written, composed and arranged himself.

The new project was born out of the singer’s friendship with actor Sergei Romanovich, who is best known to audiences for his performance in the 2009 film Laskoviy Mai. The film is an account of the career of the famous Soviet band of the same name, and as such, Romanovich is no stranger to performing music. This new collaboration is known as the Friend Project.

First is the duo’s debut release. The song’s video was directed by Alex Sparrow and filmed in Almaty, Kazakhstan and features vocals from young singer, Dasha Nefedov.

Alex flew to Kazakhstan from America where he has been recovering from a road accident to film and direct the video. The song had been recorded in part prior to Alex’s accident, which took place while the singer was working in Los Angeles in January. He suffered a brain hemorrhage as a result of the accident, and doctors feared at the time he would not recover to perform again.

He has since proved those fears wrong, and has thrown himself back into his career with his Friend Project and a role in forthcoming Hollywood exorcism thriller, the Vatican Tapes alongside actors Dougray Scott and Michael Peña.

Alex Sparrow tried to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest twice before being selected internally for the job in 2011. His song, Get you, was written by famous producer, RedOne, and finished in 16th position at the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf.

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