Latvia: Lauris Reiniks releases new song in Latvian and English

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Lauris Reiniks the 2003 Latvian representative has released his latest single Stasti Man both in Latvian and English, along with its official videoclip.

Lauris Reiniks represented Latvia at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga as part of FLY with Hello From Mars. Lauris  is today among Latvia’s most sought after singers and composers enjoying great fame, name and recognition.

Lauris Reiniks and  Microphone Records have released a fresh new song titled Stasti Man . The song has been released in Latvia few days back . Listeners in other countries  will also be able to listen and enjoy to the international and English version of the song  along with its official videoclip. The English version of the song is titled Can’t Get Over You.

Stasti Man is composed by the Lauris Reiniks  and penned by the late Martins  Freimanis ( FLY- Latvia 2003) and composer of  The War is Not Over ( Latvia 2005) and Lauris Reiniks.  The English version of the song Can’t Get Over You  has been penned and composed by Lauris Reiniks.

The videoclip of the song was filmed in two versions and took  3 days to film. It was filmed in Latgale, a picturesque place near the lake Rāzna Kaunatas neighborhood.  The team behind the videoclip are : L.Reiniks (screenplay) , Uģis Olte (director), Valdis Celmins, (Environmental Film Studio),Uģis Olte, Lāsma Lagzdiņa and Lauris Reiniks (scriptwriters)

Thinking of video stories , I  felt and knew that this clip  had to be filmed somewhere in Latgale, because I feel that this part of the country  is still  a completely undiscovered and unfamiliar  Latvian pearl. It is a place worthy of travelling to, spending  time with yourself and enjoy the peace and beauty of this picturesque place. Like my other clips, I like  showcasing the other side  of Latvia to the listeners and viewers in other countries, portraying the country’s beauty!-  Lauris Reiniks goes on to say.

The official videoclip of the song has been directed by Uģis Olte-  This is a warm-hearted film that has been  created with Latvian traditions – he adds.

Stasti Man is already on air  in all Latvian radio stations, but the English version  Can’t Get Over You  will be aired  on Estonian and Lithuanian radio. German record company Cap Sounds, which is a Universal Music Partner, has welcomed Can’t Get Over You and signed a contract with Lauris Reiniks for the song to be released  in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stasti Man

Can’t Get Over You

Song downloads can be found, iTunes and Amazon.

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