Andre for Armenia

by Gordon Roxburgh 58 views

The second rehearsal for the Semi finalists started at 11:00 local time today in the OAKA hall, with Andre for Armenia. Whereas in the first rehearsal there is 40 minutes allocated to each performer, in the second rehearsal there is 30 minutes, as there is less preparations required, and everything should just be that bit more efficient. Andre still though had a few sound problems to start with, and there were several restarts required before this was sorted out satisfactorily. The actual performance was a lot slicker this time around, and the choreography with all the ropes seemed to be more skilful. The costumes are in red, black and white for the most part. Andre wears an interesting head dress to start the song, but this is quickly removed early on in the performance. As there were a lot more journalists and photographers present than there was on Thursday morning, the song received a lot more applause at this rehearsal.

Just as there is less time allotted to the second rehearsal, the same applies to the second press conference. A lot of questions tend to get repeated, so we will only try to be reporting on any additional information obtained from the second conferences.

Have you had time to listen to all the other songs and which do you see as your biggest danger? "I have listened to them all, and I like the songs from FYR Macedonia and Greece…but I don't see them as a dangerous as Armenia is very good".

What are the ideas behind the choreography? "Its about a man who has issues about love, and everyday problems and fights to escape, and wants to trade places".

What was the last CD you bought? "It was one with Jewish spiritual songs".

Which artist have influenced you musically? "Internationally, Whitney Houston. We also have our own State Music Theatre, which is one of the best and has produced good artists".

You were born in Azerbaijan, so how does it feel to represent Armenia, and what are you memories of the Eurovision song contest? "Well actually when I was born it was all part of the Soviet Union. I think its great that the Eurovision song contest unites all countries, in terms of friendship, and there are no conflicts. I am a huge fan, but never had the opportunity to vote, but I think the best songs have won the contest".

Are you aware that you are no the only Armenian in the contest, that there is also an Armenian who is a dancer as part of the Turkish entry? "I think that's cool. In the same way we have Russian dancers who are part of our entry, this is what I think is good about the contest, its perfect".

Which countries have you been to promote your entry? "Ukraine, Moldova, Andorra, Russia, Poland, Cyprus and Greece".

The press conference ended with the photo opportunity. The next time Andre will rehearse will be at the first dress rehearsal of the Semi final on 17th May from 14:00.

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