Bulgaria gives solid performance

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Bulgaria's Mariana Popova and her dancers have given the arena a taste of the classical Greek theme in the presentation of Let me cry today, as they appeared in full costume on stage.

Mariana and her three female dancers appeared in full costume today, singing in front of a blue and white stage that later erupts in the colours of fire as the song builds. Mariana is dressed in gold and her dancers blue, and the whole effect is very much like the set of a classical Greek drama. The visual effect is striking, and even the floor manager commented over the PA "it looks really very nice!".

The Bulgarian crew managed five full run-throughs today, and it looks like they have the performance well and truly under their belts, ready for Thursday. The only problem came before the final run, when Mariana suddenly heard "German talking" in her ear-piece. She seemed quite distressed at this, until the production team were ordered to mute all radio frequencies and the problem was cleared up!

Sweeping camera movements
Mariana and dancers begin the song in silhouette, swaying together on stage. There are lots of sweeping, spinning camera movements, especially during the almost Sertab-like satin dance, and the whole performance runs very smoothly. Although still nota popular song amongst the journalists in the hall, the Bulgarian delegation has put together a visual package which looks impressive, ready for semifinal night.

At her second press conference, Mariana confessed that her favourite song from this year's contest is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would be her tip for Bulgarian voters, who of course cannot vote for her at the contest! She also gave an a cappella rendition of the Bulgarian chorus of Let me try. A version in the national language is being played on Bulgarian radio, although it is not scheduled for a CD release of any kind.

Party girl
Mariana is expected to be seen out on the Eurovision party circuit soon, as she shared with the press her love of salsa clubbing- apparently extremely popular in Bulgaria – which she is out doing almost every night back home!

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