What a show from Finland!

by Gordon Roxburgh 83 views

One of the most eagerly anticipated rehearsals, was that of Finland, and Lordi with their song Hard rock, hallelujah. It was possibly the best attended rehearsal so far, and all were keen to see what sort of show Lordi would put on. They were not to be disappointed, especially on the final run through when the pyrotechnics, flames and fireworks were included for the first time. Including pyrotechnics that come out of the guitars. If those visuals weren't enough, apart from using the guitar as his microphone, the lead singer's cloak opens out to form huge bat like wings, and in addition there is the outrageous costumes and masks that many will be familiar with from their previous performances and video. As could be expected the lighting is mainly a flame lit bright red. As it was the best attended rehearsal to date, it was no surprise that Lordi received the loudest applause so far heard in the arena.

The press conference which followed was also to be one ofthe best attended so far of the rehearsals. The head of delegation introduced the members of the group, though most of the questions were answered by Lordi himself.

The first question came from a Norwegian fan, who passed on his good wishes from last year's representatives from Norway Wig Wam. He then followed this remark by asking one of the more typical questions at the press conference.

What is your favourite Eurovision song of all time? "You want me to say Wig Wam, don't you?"

What is the dirtiest trick you have ever played to win a game? "We always win everything we enter, it must be the pretty looks".

Why did you decide to particpate in the contest? "The Eurovision Song Contest is a great place to be, as you are all so interested. We are a hard rock band, to us its new and interesting for us to be here in the Eurovision field and having lots of fun"

ABBA used the contest to launch themselves globally, do you see the same happening to you? "For every artist, its always good to be recognised, and we have already received attention throughout Europe and the world, we have released three albums, toured for four years, so we already ahve fans, but not necessarily pop fans".

How long does it take to put on all the make up? "What make up? Seriously it takes about two and a half to three hours just to get the face ready and make myself pretty. There are easier ways to be in rock and roll than this!"

Do you think you can get viewers to vote for you, with these outfits? "I don't know, its up to the viewers. The Finnish viewers thought we were pretty enough. Monsters are pretty to my eye, so we might get votes".

Is it necessary for you to wear masks, can you perform without them, is there a chance to see what you really look like? "I like the strong image, like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister. There will never be a Lordi show without the masks. I think when you pay a lot of money for tickets, and artists are just in T shirts and jeans , you should give fans something worth watching, a show".

You have talked about what influenced you visually, what about musical influences? "They have been huge influences, Kiss, Alice Cooper and the hard rock of the eighties, called heavy metal by some. I like to give hard rock 110%".

If you have any free time, what do you like to do? "Lay on the sofa, watch DVDs.I eat a lot, I'm a lazy guy, lay down and sleep, and I like to collect Kiss stuff, soI suppose that is my hobby".

Are you married, any children, and if so what do they think of you? "No, not married, no children, I'm like a fifteen year old, I have three dogs and a tarantula. I used to have children…but I ate them for breakfast!"

The press conference came to an end with Lordi singing a brief part of Bye bye baby the 1994 entry of Finland from Cat Cat. There then followed a photo opportunity for the delegates.