The winners from Lithuania?

by Gordon Roxburgh 72 views

It was the turn of the all male group LT United from Lithuania to rehearse this afternoon in the arena. Their's is a much more straight forward performance than a lot of the other acts that have performed so far, but nevertheless it is just as energetic . The six men start the song in a straight line behind the microphones, before becoming more animated in their performance, which includes the sue of a loudspeaker and a violin, but these are the only props to be seen in this song. One of the singers at the start seems very static compared to his colleagues, as they are busy punching the air, but later on he suddenly becomes very energetic. It is a fun song, and delivered in a humerous manner, with lots of marching and saluting towards the end, as the group proclaim that they are the winners of Eurovision!

The press conference was a bit more subdued comparedto some of the other conferences, but was conducted in a light and good humoured manner. It was clear to see that the six group members get on very well as a team, and are indeed united.

The conference started by introducing each member of the group, they are Andrius Mamontovas, Marijus Mikutavicius, Victor Diawara, Salius Urbonavicus, Arnoldas Lukosius and Eimantas Belickas, and each explained about their background, and that they had been around a long time, and all had different talents to bring to LT United.

Have you though of changing the lyrics to We are NOT the winners, the day after the contest? "The song was written for winners, so THE WINNER can always still sing it, even in the future, it's a gift for all the winners, they can sing it when they win".

What is your favourite Eurovision song from the past? "ABBA – I grew up with their music, and "Waterloo" is a great pop song. I also remember a song called "Eurovision" ".

There have been many joke entries in the song contest, do you consider your song to be a joke entry? "We think its the winning song, not a particular type of music".

Have you thought of people using it for other events, ie We are the winners of…the World Cup? "Yes we have always been thinking of that, and have a football version of it". Later on the group sung a bit of their football version with substitutinggoal for the winners.

Why is Lithuania the only Baltic country without a win in the song contest? "It wasn't us – simple! We wanted to wait until the contest was in Athens, and waited for Greece to win. We like to travel!"

How long did it take you to write the lyrics? "Well I actually thought of the phrase about a year ago, and couldn't get it out of my head. So its actuallytaken me about a year to write!"

What unites you apart from the song? A variety of answers were given by the group including, "We are a group of winners" "We have winning wives and girlfriends", "We all love music and are dedicated, and love to have fun, music brought us together" and "The good part of being in LT United is the free costumes!".

The conference concluded with a photo opportunity. The second rehearsal for LT United is scheduled on Sunday at 14.15.

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