Portugal's first day of rehearsals done!

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The group Nonstop stepped onto the Athens stage for the first time today as they completed their first rehearsal and press conference on the second day of semifinalist rehearsals.

The four girls and two female backing singers appeared in casual clothes for the first outing, with Andrea's hair sporting the familiar bright pink streak. At first, all four of the group sang part of the song individually to no backing in order to perform the sound check. Katia stood out as having a very strong voice, although the whole group is in good vocal form. It was the backing vocals that sounded slightly off in the first partial run-though to music, although this was quickly sorted in the following three full performances.

The general presentation of Coisas de nada is straightforward, with the girls performing a simple dance routine while the backing singer remain behind them on stand mics. A colourful backdrop heavy in greens, purples and reds is used.

Percussive break
Fans familiar with the first version of the entry will notice the addition of a slightly more percussive bridge section, which helps keep the pace of the song going towards the end. A section of Greek fans in the audience certainly found the pace lively, and could be seen dancing enthusiastically throughout!

No tour – but please vote!
Portugal was one of the few countries to have made no promotional tour at all this year, and the issue was brought up at the press conference. Andrea stated that although there was no tour, the group still hope that Europe will vote for them. Together, they are extremely proud to be representing their country, and would love to be the first to make it through the semifinal for Portugal. They rehearse again this Sunday, and have the chance to be the first next Thursday at the semifinal.

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