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Flemish broadcaster VRT holds the final of Eurosong 2006 tonight. Exactly six weeks ago, 28 artists appeared at the start of one of Europe's longest selection procedures. After four heats and two semifinals, seven of them are left in the running for representing Belgium in the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. Tonight's final starts at 20:45 CET and will be broadcast by één and satellite channel BVN. The results are expected around 23:25 CET, of course will cover the results as they come in, as no live stream is available.

1. Barbara Dex � Crazy
Barbara Dex opens the final with the song Crazy. Will she win Eurosong 2006, thirteen years after her victory in 1993? Barbara surprisingly won the second heat and gained the maximum of the points given by the Eén viewers in the second semifinal. Lyrics and music of Crazy were written by André Remkes and Alidus Hidding.

2. Brahim � P.O.W.E.R.
Brahim reached the semifinals with the song P.O.W.E.R. by finishing second in the first heat of Eurosong 2006. Brahim could not qualify for the final directly, however, the professional jury awarded him the wildcard for the final. Lyrics and music of P.O.W.E.R. were written by Fred Braikin, Jeremy and Brahim Attaeb himself.

3. Belle Perez � El mundo bailando
With ease, Belle Perez won the fourth heat of Eurosong 2006 with the song El mundo bailando. The semifinal however became a small disappointment for the top favourite. Belle 'only' finished third. Lyrics and music of El mundo bailando were written by Juan Guerrero, Fernando De Meersman, Patrick Renier and Belle Perez herself.

4. Els de Schepper � Als ik je morgen ergens tegenkom
With the help of a wildcard and as the only singer with a song in Dutch, Els de Schepper reached the first semifinal of Eurosong 2006. In the semifinal, she surprisingly finished third, good for qualification for the final. The lyrics of Als ik je morgen ergens tegenkom, were written by Rik Denys, the music composed by David Poltrock.

5. La Sakhra � Wonderland
In the fourth heat she was beaten by Belle Perez, but with a second place La Sakhra went through to the semifinals. In the second semifinal La Sakhra, also known as Petra, overpowered everyone and qualified for her third Eurosong 2006 final. Lyrics and music of Wonderland were written by Vincent Pierins and Patrick Hamilton.

6. Kaye Styles � Profile
Partly thanks to the maximum he received from the professional jury, Kaye Styles finished third in the third heat of Eurosong 2006. In the first semifinal Kaye Styles did even better with his song Profile and qualified for the final due to his second place in the final ranking. Lyrics and music of Profile were written by Youssef Chelak.

7. Kate Ryan � Je t'adore
Only one of the 28 participants in Eurosong 2006 did succeed in winning both her heat and semifinal: Kate Ryan! In as good as every poll, Kate Ryan is leading and leaving her competitors a long way behind. Lyrics and music of Je t'adore were written by Niklas Bergwall, Niclas Kings, Lisa Greene and Kate Ryan herself.

Six juries will give their votes tonight, together deciding who will represent Belgium at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest;

� The professional jury; Yasmine, Marcel Vanthilt, André Vermeulen and Johnny Logan (1/10th of the total)
� The Radio 2 jury (1/10th of the total)
� The Radio Donna jury (1/10th of the total)
� The press jury (1/10th of the total)
� The televoters (3/10ths of the total)
� The European juries (3 juries each giving 1/10th of the total)

During the final, German, Polish and Israeli juries will also give their opinion. At the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, European taste in music is what it is all about so Eén asked two independent researchers which countries most closely reflect the final result within their own national televoting. German, Polish and Israeli television viewers seem to vote the most for the songs which occupy the top placings at the Eurovision Song Contest. The three international juries will share 30% of the total marks available. To give the televoters an equal say, their percentage of the total has also been raised to 30%. The other juries combined provide the remaining 40%.

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