Christine Marchal interviewed by Dutch tv

by Sietse Bakker 529 views

A reporter of the news program Netwerk was allowed to enjoy Mrs. Marchal a few days during her work in Copenhagen, to draw a portrait of her. �The contest almost disappeared due to the old-fashioned presentation. When I joined the team, It was my job to change that�, Marchal-Ortiz said to the reporter.

The Dutch broadcasters AKN (AVRO, KRO and NCRV) interviewed Christine Marchal-Ortiz. She is called the � president of the Eurovision Song Contest� . She is responsible for the contest at EBU, the European Broadcasting Union which is the organisation of the contest. She�s doing the job now for 6 years and she feels very good about it. �It feels great at the evening of the contest�the atmosphere, the audience and the attention the contest gets�it makes me feel like a happy child�. It is clear that Mrs. Marchal is very happy with her job.

The reporter noticed that the contest became more modern since Mrs. Marchal joins the team. �We tried to make the contest more modern. A group of fans was not always happy with this, but the contest has got to flow with the time and can�t stay in the 80s. You have to see it in big ! With more than 70 million people watching the contest on television, you can not take all the wishes of a relatively small group of fans in account�, Mrs. Marchal said.

It seems that Christine Marchal-Ortiz wants to make the contest fun for everybody. That is a hard job, but she�s working very hard with good results. As long as Mrs. Marchal will be responsible for the contest, it won�t dissapear, she assured. � I hope my grand children will still talk about it�, she said. We hope this means that the contest won�t disappear as long as Mrs. Christine Marchal – Ortiz works for the EBU !

At the end of the item we were able to hear some of the sound in the Parken. It sounds all very clear and fresh on television, so that is something we don�t have to be afraid of.

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