France: Entrée des artistes kicks off

by Sietse Bakker 75 views

As from tomorrow, Pascal Sevran will host Entrée des artistes! Meanwhile, it was announced that a documentary has been made of the participants of Francopholies de La Rochelle, which will be aired on 3rd and 4th February. The audience can vote for the best four to enter the French selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

The potential participants from overseas
The following artists have the chance to enter the French final, on behalf of RFO, broadcaster for the far territories;

� From Martinique: Kolo Barst
� From Réunion: Ousa Nousava (group with lead singer Bernard Joron)
� From Mayotte: Mikidache
� From Polynesia: Barthélémy
� From Guadeloupe: Krys
� From Saint-Pierre et Miquelon: D'Gé ( Gérard Boudreau)
� From New Caledonia: Gulaan & Tyssia (two participants)
� From Guyana : Chris Combette (chanteur)

As from tomorrow, Pascal Sevran will host the new program Entrée des artistes (France 2). During the talent show, each Saturday at 12:00 CET, four of the candidates for the French final will be selected.

Meanwhile, after seven regional selections, a semifinal will be organised by France 3 with a professional jury and web votings. This semifinal will be diffused only on France 3 its website. 13 finalists will be selected for the French final, to be held in March.

In total, there will be 21 acts in the French selection for Athens (four from the RFO selection, four from Entrée des artistes and 13 from the regional castings). The winner will be decided by the vote of a professionnal jury and a public televote.

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