Congratulations: Renars Kaupers interview

by Alexander Borodin 108 views

Renars Kaupers, from group Brainstorm will be co-hosting the Congraulations jubilee show on 22nd October.�s Alexander Borodin phoned him in Riga and made an interview and talked about Brainstorm, the music, about what the Eurovision has meant for Renars life and about how it feels hosting the Congratulations show.

Hey Renars how are you doing today?

Hello, Thanks, I�m fine! Haven�t we met before some years ago? I remember your voice.

Yes, that�s true we meet in Stockholm, long time ago, I�m surprised that you actually remember that! So, my colleague and I prepared a lot of questions, actually a little bit to many but I think we will try to focus about the upcoming Congratulations show in this interview and about the Eurovision in general.

Yes, that�s ok

But first of all, what have you been doing today?

Oh, today it was quite a busy morning it was, I had to go to my children�s school, you know, I have two ten year old twins and I had to talk with their teacher about teaching my children some more discipline. But they are usually lovely children � they are studying very hard at the music school and doing very fine.

And after that I went to Jürmala, you know the village at the seaside very close to Riga. You know when it�s summer I live there in my house I�ve got. So I went there and sat outside with a coup of tee. It�s autumn and the leaves on the trees are now getting more and more nice colours on them and it is beautiful!!! I was thinking how lucky I�m to live in such a beautiful place. And then I headed for home, actually in order to take part in this interview with you and now I�m here and talking to you!

And after this� I think I want to go to the movies�yeah�I think I will see this new movie �The Grimm Brothers�. And then later today we will have a presentation of our new Brainstorm video, a video for the international market for our new song, �Thunder Without Rain�, it�s a quite powerful rock-song. It�s a very nice video and its made by my friend Kaspars who you know is the drummer of Brainstorm and a guy named Czizhiks.

So when is the International version of your new album going to be released?

I think in the beginning of January. The songs will be the same as the Latvian version but they will be sung in English.

When will you go for an international tour?

We don�t know that yet, we have to release the album first before we start think about that.

Do you prefer your songs in English or Latvian?

Very hard to say, but of course, since Latvian is our mother tongue, Latvian will always be the most honest language for us. But as we are becoming more and more international every day we also start to talk more and more English every day. Sometimes I even catch myself with the fact that I even think in English� You know we also sing in Russian and we were quite successful. So we are very lucky guys to know many languages, talk many languages and to sing in many languages!

But you don�t talk French or do you!? I remember when you tried to talk French a little bit during the Eurovision 2003.

No, not french. But I�ve studied French half a year in fact, but… I was just thinking the other day about starting up with that French-course again. But it�s something with that language that makes it hard�

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