Helena: 'The fans have been brilliant!'

by Theo Vatmanidis 99 views

With Congratulations on television this Saturday, the Greek national broadcaster celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest with a special program. This 90 minute long tribute showed videos of the competing songs as well as all the Greek entries to date. It was presented by Elisavet Filippouli who, along with current winner Helena Paparizou, walked in the streets of Athens chatting about the Eurovision Song Contest and the effect it had on Helena�s career. The program also included an exclusive interview with 'Mr. Eurovision', Johny Logan, who officially accepted an invitation to be in Athens for the forthcoming contest in May.

“I remember watching Kaiti Garbi (Greece �93) and her fabulous presence on stage thinking that I would really like to take part in the event someday”, said Helena. The opportunity to make her dream come true came eight years later when the young singer represented Greece as one half of duo Antique with the song Die for you; “Both Die for you and My number one did very well (in terms of sales). What is really remarkable about Die for you is that, even though it only achieved third place, it had a brilliant career! I was more nervous this year (when I was asked to represent Greece for a second time). That was due to the fact that in 2001 we were one of the ten entries in the Greek national final, whereas this year I accepted the offer by ERT without having a song at the time. The idea that I might score lower than the third place I had achieved in my previous effort never really bothered me. Each year the contest is unique, the style and the level of the songs is different and I don�t think we should compare entries from separate years based on their final placing alone”.

Asked whether she feels like a star, Helena shared her views on the impact that a victory in the Eurovision Song Contest may have on an artist�s career: “No one can become a star overnight. (One can become) popular or even well known (in some countries), but not a real star in that sense. That would take years of effort. I think that each human being is a star on their own right anyway. I believe that winning the Eurovision Song Contest cannot guarantee an international career. The winning song itself may have a successful career, not necessarily the artist”.

Three times Eurovision Song Contest winner Johnny Logan seemed to share Helena�s views. During a short interview filmed exclusively for the programme, he said: “The Eurovision Song Contest comes with no street credit. It is very hard to overcome a hit record. It needs very hard work. Some people who have not taken part in the contest dismiss it too easily. They see it done, but they cannot do it themselves”,he added.

Just days before she competes with Eurovision Song Contest legends in Copenhagen, Helena said that she remains the same girl she�s always been: “I only give myself credit for the fact I managed to pull through all the hard preparation. Last time round, I had a very supportive team around me and lots of positive energy coming from the Greek press and especially the people. The fans have been brilliant!”

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