Robin from Sweden is singing to his family

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And today we arrive to the host country of 2013, Sweden. Robin Stjernberg originally hails from Hässleholm in the Skåne County, just north-east of host city Malmö. He has qualified straight to the final, and You will be performed as song number 16 on 18 May.

Q1. Your public performing career stretches back to 2006. Are your family musical?

My grandmother plays the accordion and my aunts sing a little as well.

Q2. Can you remember your first performance?

I think my first appearance ever was in a church, but as an artist it was in 2002. I was rapping and break dancing in front of a lot of people (smiles)

Q3. Could you have imagined then the way your life would pan out? How has your life changed since then?

I’m living my dream, it’s crazy if I look back on when I started singing. I’m really thankful for being where I am right now and I know that hard work pays off (smiles).

Q4. Has it really sunk in that you will be representing your country in a few weeks?

Yes! I’m soooo excited! Can’t wait!

Q5. You are looking great. Do you have a daily routine?

Thank you! I’m just trying to eat healthy food and work out whenever I get the time!

Q6. You are a co-writer of You. Will you tell us what inspired it and does it have a personal meaning?

When we wrote the song I wanted to sing something everyone could relate to. It’s about being thankful to the ones who love you and from my point of view, I’m singing to my family. They’ve always been there for me, no matter what, so it means a lot to me .

Q7. Melodifestivalen (The Swedish show selecting the country’s Eurovision entry) is huge in Sweden. You are the first performer to win from the Second Chance round (Andra chansen). How were you feeling as the votes were coming in?

It’s a huge thing in Sweden, and to be the first on to win from the Andra chansen is really exciting! It’s just proving that everything’s possible! So even if people think you’re screwed you should never give up!

Q8. Your album My versions includes cover versions of many established songs. What is your style of music?

It’s an organic sound with real instruments combined with modern sounds! Pop n’ roll with heart and soul! (laughs)

Q9. Are you able to switch off from what is happening at the moment and, if so, how do you relax?

It’s kind of hard to relax right now but I’m just enjoying the moment, working hard and having fun! This is a dream and I’m blessed to have the chance to do it!

Q10. With or without Eurovision do you have any plans for the future?

I will release my album in June and I will also tour Sweden this summer! Hopefully I’ll get to visit some European countries as to!

The team wants to thank Robin Stjernberg for taking the time to answer our questions and to wish him the best of luck in May!