Slovenia: Performance focus on Hannah’s dancing ability

by Denis Randjelovic 264 views

Hannah Mancini will represent Slovenia at the 2013 Eurovision song contest in Malmö with Straight into love.

Her performance is provided under the direction of master choreographer Anze Škurbeta.

As we have this year the opportunity to work with three dancers and our singer, we will have to concentrate on a good vocal performance from Hannah while still integrating dance moves, says the choreographer in an interview to Slovenian website MMC. The dancers will be further spiced up by a dance performance, he adds.

He also reveals that there will be loads of visual effects. We will add large pieces of dubstep elements in a very solid way supported by the choreography, he says.

He also talks about the limit of six people on stage. Hannah will be joined on stage by two Danish backing singers, and three dancers fill the remaining places. If we were allowed more people on stage, we could make the performance even more powerful and striking, says the choreographer.

Škruba is currently staying in the United States and two years ago he was also the one who created the choreography for Maja Keuc, and last year took care of the choreography of the Romanian representatives. But my work has been completely different on these projects, so it is impossible to say which one was easier and which harder. Definitely a totally different style of music, and the whole visuality of Hannah is quite different, said the choreographer and dancer.

Choreographers are for this year’s Eurovision in high demand by Eurovision delegations, but in the end Škruba decided for Slovenia. For this year’s Eurovision song contest I had offers from two countries for co-operation in as a choreographer and dancer, but I could not decide because of other commitments that I have during the contest. When I got the offer from our television, I felt most comfortable because we are able to agree on the schedule and the way that I will be able to further coordinate other commitments, explained Škruba.