Serbia: Marija Šerifović supports Moje 3

by Denis Randjelovic 1,285 views

The Eurovision Song Contest winner in 2007 and first Serbian entry ever as independent country Marija Šerifović, who won with Molitva in Helsinki, supports Moje 3 who will represent Serbia in Sweden in May.

 She never hid the fact that she likes the girls, especially Nevena , who was her favourite during the talent show where Moje 3 competed individually.

Moje 3 with the Eurovision winner in one of their rehearsal practices for the performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

The thing that connects Marija with Moje3 also is one of the composers of Molitva and Ljubav je svuda, Saša Milošević Mare.

And here is the video from Marija’s visit to Moje 3:

Moje3 will perform Ljubav je svuda as song number 16 in the first semi–final on 14 May.