Congratulations: the opening sequence!

by Sietse Bakker 68 views

After today's press conference in Copenhagen's City Hall, the press had a chance to see the opening sequence being rehearsed. As mentioned before on this site it opens with Cliff Richard giving a short message about his Eurovision Song Contest experience, and then follows a brief montage of clips of the fourteen finalists, in a high tech presentation, concluding with Congratulations

This leads into the orchestra and the choir presenting a medley of past songs, ending up with Love shine a light as Katrina enters the stage with the flags being waved of all 44 countries to have participated in the contest. Although in rehearsal, not all flags were there yet!

Also in the rehearsal, Katrina was having a problem getting the first line of her song on time, as the orchestra transfers from Dshinghis Khan into her own winning song, it was hard to find where one song ends and the next begins. Eventually it looks like she will start singing on the line Brothers and sisters…

As already mentioned, the choir comprises Linda Martin, Charlie McGettigan, Eimear Quinn and Jakob Sveistrup.

Dress rehearsal
The press will be admitted to a full rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, and will try and cover the highlights prior to the live transmission a few hours later.

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