Interview with Søren Therkelsen (2)

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Earlier this month, we had an interview with Søren Therkelsen, Commissioning Editor of the Eurovision Song Contest anniversary show Congratulations. Søren works for the Danish broadcaster DR, host broadcaster of the anniversary event, which takes place on 22nd October in Copenhagen. The first part of this interview has already been published last week!

Interview: Roel Philips
Publication: Sietse Bakker

Several Eurovision Song Contest participants have become world stars after their participation in the contest. Cliff Richard and ABBA have already declined the invitation to perform in Copenhagen. Does that put a damper on the party?

Søren: I am only aware of one Eurovision Song Contest celebrity who has declined our invitation to attend the show in Copenhagen, due to a changed attitude towards the Eurovision Song Contest's format in general. And this is not any of the names you have mentioned in your questions. On the contrary, there is a lot of willingness among all parties to participate in this event, in one way or the other. However, unfortunately there are some celebrities we would have liked very much to be physically present at the venue, but are not able to for various practical reasons. Instead, we are discussing other ways of participation on a very constructive level.

No Cliff Richard, no ABBA. What about Céline Dion? Can you mention us some of the artists who have confirmed their presence in the show? Are there some singers you�re still desperately trying to convince to come to Copenhagen?

Søren: DR is not at all desperately trying to convince anyone to come to Copenhagen. The artists are coming because they want to be a part of this unique anniversary celebration and are practically able to do so. We have already confirmations from what we consider to be a necessary number of celebrities and guests to make this show historic and memorable. We are still awaiting responses from a lot of additional artists and guests to participate.

Congratulations won�t only be a meeting with former Eurovision Song Contest participants, we will also see the orchestra again. Is this the crown on DR�s organisation? Can you tell us more about the role of the orchestra in Congratulations?

Søren: I can only say that DR is proud to be able to again present a big orchestra on stage in connection with a Eurovision Song Contest event… just like in the good old days!

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