Lys Assia's dream: to participate once again!

by Sietse Bakker 69 views

Lys Assia, the first ever Eurovision Song Contest winner, had an interview with our colleagues of at her home near Zürich in Switzerland. Talking about memories, roses and next year’s contest, it appears that Lys Assia wants to participate in Athens, where next year's Eurovision Song Contest takes place. 50 years after her victory with Refrain

In an exclusive interview, the highly respected first Eurovision Song Contest winner talks about last year's robbery, her career, a new recording of her winning song Refrain and her dream to participate once again in the Eurovision Song Contest.

On the question about the lost voting results of the 1956 Eurovision Song Contest, Lys Assia gave a remarkable answer: “There was a screen with all the points on it. The process of presenting the results was the same as in today’s Eurovision Song Contest. I had a healthy margin ahead of the second place”. Of course, we are more than interested in these results!


You can find the complete interview with Lys Assia here!

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