Eurovision Song Contest 2013: The postcards

by Dániel Turgonyi 573 views

The Swedish broadcaster (SVT) announced before that many aspects and features of this year’s contest will be different from the previous years.

The postcards are not an exception – unlike last year’s picture postcards of Azerbaijan, Sweden will not intend to promote the country this way, instead, SVT wants to present the artists’ personal moments before each song. They already have started filming these clips, for instance, the Icelandic singer, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson has been visited by the team.

Five teams with director, photographer are going to visit every artist, and make these clips for the postcard before the artist’s song. According to Sven Stojanovic, who is the Creative Director and co-producer of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, they want to connect Malmö with Europe, and the viewers with the artists between each song.

The Swedish broadcaster is working with the best companies, such as Camp David – the company works with directors -, which won many awards  including Cannes Lions, and Swedish Golden Egg.  Swiss International AB will be in charge for the 3D effects in the movies. SVT also signed a deal with Broken Doll for the graphics of the contest – they will be responsible for the scoreboards, for example.

The postcards have always been an important part of the competition before, remember Oslo’s waving flags over the spectators, or Düsseldorf’s Feel your heart beat! in each language, or last year’s beautiful shots.

The Icelandic singer, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson during the shoot (Photo: SVT,

Stay tuned for more news on the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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