France: Anggun gathers great audience for X-Factor Indonesia

by Yann Messina 640 views

Last Friday, Anggun, the 2012 French Eurovision representative, appeared as one of the four main judges on the first episode of the very popular TV talent show X Factor in Indonesia, gathering a great audience for the national broadcaster RCTI. 

Candidates in the show had to perform in front of a jury made of local stars Ahmad Dhani, Rossa and Bebi Romeo. Anggun, the fourth member of the jury, appeared as an international judge.  

The first live episode of this new season was massively followed by the Indonesian viewers, reaching 30.3% of market shares whereas the selections had merely attracted 16% of the viewers. RCTI is talking about an “Anggun effect” to explain such good figures and hopes the singer, who is regarded as a true diva due to the fact she is the first Indonesian artist to penetrate international markets, will make it possible for the Indonesian channel to beat its own record of 44% of market shares reached for another popular show back in 2009.

Together with working as one of the judges in the local edition of X Factor, Anggun will be working on her international comeback which will take place most probably later in 2013. In the meanwhile, hereafter is the first episode of the show broadcast last Friday.