France: Amaury Vassili ready to conquer the World

by Yann Messina 435 views

Pop-lyric singer Amaury Vassili, the 2011 French Eurovision representative, may be 22 years old only, he knows precisely what he wants: to conquer the world with his music. Often presented as the world’s youngest tenor, Amaury Vassili’s music genre is called « crossover », a mix of pop and classical music. In his third album Una parte di me the young singer revisits the most famous classical compositions of Brahms, Chopin, Tchaïkovski or Mozart with a powerful voice and a touch of pop-opera.

Three years ago, his first album Vincero sold more than 250,000 copies in France only and 100,000 more in the world especially in South Korea, South Africa, Canada and Japan. Amaury Vassili’s ambitions are quite obvious. He wants to finish the job and conquer the whole world as he stated during an interview with France Info radio a few days ago.

“Classical music exists everywhere in the world but it is such a difficult music genre that it offers many opportunities and enables to have great ambitions”.

Amaury’s latest record is sung in Italian only. The young tenor believes that singing lyric music in French would not be the same as it does not sound as good as in Italian. In addition, Amaury is also convinced that his public, predominantly made of women, and the general people expect such music to be sung in Italian, as they expect him to have the proper classical look and attitude for such a music genre despite him being a regular young man fond of sports, parties, rap, reggae or techno music and junk food.

The general public also knows Amaury for being the 2011 French representative at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Düsseldorf. Despite being the bookies’ favourite up to the big night with the Corsican-language entry Sognu, Amaury was voted to the 15th place only. A huge disappointment that the singer now puts in perspective.

“What utterly disappointed me back then is the fact that so many things happened backstage and I just could not deal with them. During the contest, too many people came to me telling that their countries were going to give me the maximum points and that France should do the same to them in reward. In the end, I did not understand what was really going to happen…”

Despite the critics and his unfortunate Eurovision experience, Amaury Vassili is feeling stronger than ever, ready to go and conquer the world with his music he sees as the best way to popularize classical music. Released at the end of 2012, his album figures among the best record sales in France. Amaury also explores new music genres, being part of the pop-music project Génération Goldman which is currently #1 in the French music charts.