France: new single, new tour for Les Fatals Picards

by Yann Messina 359 views

Comedie-punk band Les Fatals Picards, the 2007 French representatives, are about to embark itself on the second part of their very successful Coming Out Tour after having released a brand new song which anticipates a new album due later in 2013.

As from February, the group will entertain France with a new series of energic live shows most probably with as much success as during the first part of the tour last year. To do so, the members of the band count on their large fan base and some very efficient songs including their latest single entitled Petit poisson d’élevage. The new track proves once more how the popular band prides itself on mocking our society with a lot of humour, play on words and cynicism.

Whereas the band is also busy with its own music show titled La Vie en Rock on L’Enôrme TV and on the Internet, les Fatals Picards have launched a call to all their fans to make a new music video through the free immersive geolocated videos application OnSpot available on certain smartphones. Check out our event section and find out when and where will Les Fatals Picards sing in 2013.