German candidates interviewed on morning television

by Eleanor Cooper 238 views

In the coming weeks, the German broadcaster, NDR, have made plans for all twelve national final candidates to appear on the morning television programme, Morgenmagazin.

From Monday 28 January, each entrant will be interviewed and perform their song on a given day in the run up to the German national final, on the 14 February.

Anke Engelke, one of the hostesses of the 2011 contest and presenter of this year’s German national final, Unser Song für Malmö, will also be interviewed on the day Germany select their participant.

The schedule for each candidate’s feature is as follows:

  • Monday 28 January 2013: Betty Dittrich – LaLaLa
  • Tuesday 29 January: Finn Martin – Change and Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied
  • Wednesday 30 January: Mobilée – Little sister
  • Thursday 31 January: Söhne Mannheims – One Love
  • Friday 1 February: Blitzkids – Heart on the line and Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Meerstern, sei gegrüßt
  • Monday 11 February: Cascada – Glorious
  • Tuesday 12 February: Nica & Joe – Elevated and Saint Lu – Craving
  • Wednesday 13 February: LaBrassBanda – Nackert
  • Thursday 14 February: Interview with Anke Engelke
  • Friday 15 February: The winner of Unser Song für Malmö

The potential representatives will be interviewed twice during the programme, at 06.50 and 07.50 CET, and then perform their song around mid-morning. The Morgenmagazin is on the first German national channel, Das Erste.

The German national final will take place on Thursday 14 February at 20.15 CET

The artists taking part and their songs are presented on the website