France: Marie-Line is back on the road

by Yann Messina 1,061 views

French-Caribbean artist Marie-Line, who represented France on the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Birmingham in 1998, is back on the road. Under the stage name of Mariline Maro (her real name is Marie-Line Marolany), the singer has embarked herself on a series of concerts in Europe and the Americas to promote her new material.

Since her Eurovision experience, Mariline Maro has mainly continued her career as a backing vocalist and dancer for many French and African artists. She has also accomplished a remarkable work as a composer for several short movies, and known for having performed for the soundtracks of some major French movies such as Les Caprices d’un fleuve, Cuisine américaine and Agathe Cléry.

After having appeared at the World Music Expo WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece and a successful show case at Le China music hall in Paris last year, Mariline is now busy with an international tour that will give her the opportunity to show off her talent in Denmark, Canada and the United States.

Some of her new songs are available on her personal website and perfectly reflect her artistic sensibility. If you are currently in Denmark, go and support Mariline who will be playing tonight in Aarhus. If you missed her performance in Copenhagen yesterday, no worries, she will be back in the Danish capital later in March. For our friends in the Americas, check out our event section to find out when Mariline will perform during summer at the London’s Sunfest 2013, in Ontario, Canada and at SOB’s in New York City.

Here is a snippet from her forthcoming album, a live rendition of the track Mon bonheur performed in Aarhus, Denmark.