Ireland: Aine O'Doherty voted off

by Gordon Roxburgh 160 views

The only female soloist left in Ireland's “You're A Star” series, Aine O'Doherty was voted off by the public on Sunday night, as the remaining five acts were reduced to just four, as the search continues to find just who will represent Ireland at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Elvis Presley was the theme of tonight's ” You're a Star” with each of the remaining five acts performing an Elvis song to try and survive yet another week on the show. The three resident judges, Dave Fanning, Barbara Galavan and Hazel Kaneswaran were in attendance along with guest judge Thomas Black who was involved in coaching the potential finalists in Killarney before the final twelve had been chosen.

First on this week, were last week's poll toppers Donna And Joseph McCaul who sang a Blue Suede Shoes/Jailhouse Rock medley. Hazel thought they were excellent but Barbara thought their performance a little 'over the top'. She disagreed with Linda Martin, last weeks guest judge, who had said they needed to move around more on stage. Barbara thought that this advice had been 'wrong'.

Next we had The Henry Girls who had just survived the vote the previous week. They sang That's alright momma. Guest Judge Thomas Black said that they were the most versatile act in the whole competition.

Aine O'Doherty was next singing Always on my mind. Hazel and Thomas both agreed that her backing track was very weak and Thomas also said that , in his opinion, Aine was the only act that would be able to get a record deal after the competition.

Fourth onstage was girl band Jade who performed a rock style version of Suspicious Minds . Barbara Galavan was happy that the band had returned closer to their rock style as that was what she preferred, and was also the reason the band had been chosen for the final. She also said that the point of “You're a Star” was to find an act for Eurovision, not an act that deserved a record contract and that if it was a choice for her for Eurovision, between Jade and Aine O'Doherty, Jade would win 'by a mile'.

Finally, Peter Fagan was last to perform. He had finished third last week after topping the poll on the two previous occasions. He sang Burning Love. Hazel thought he was 'excellent' . Thomas , however, thought that Pete was a 'good singer but not a great singer' and would have to be given an excellent song for Eurovision. Otherwise, in his opinion, 'he would suffer'.

Two hours passed and it was time for the all important results. After just scraping in last week, The Henry Girls topped this weeks poll with Donna and Joseph McCaul in second place and Pete Fagan, once again, finishing third. So, the bottom two were Aine O'Doherty and Jade and it was Aine's journey that came to an end this week.

So, Ireland has not sent a solo female singer to Eurovision since Dawn in 1998 and it will not happen in 2005 as Aine was the last solo female in the competition. Four acts remain, one solo male, one duo and two bands. On Sunday 27th February, they will be further reduced by one in the next programme of “You're A Star”. The final will now take place over the weekend of 5th and 6th March.

One of them will then go forward to represent Ireland in the Semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev on 19th May.