Volya wins last semifinal in Ukraine

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The last of 15 semifinals has been held in Ukraine tonight. The band Volya has won this semifinal with the song Zemlya rodnaya and joins 14 other artists to the Ukrainian national final. How the Ukrainian selections will continue remains a mystery…

These are the results of the 15th Ukrainian semifinal:

1 – 24.35 | Volya – Zemlya rodnaya
2 – 21.30 | Nota-Neo Polhala baba v lis
3 – 20.13 | Alevtina Leonteva – Solnyshko
4 – 19.87 | Tetyana Liberman – Mojet bit da
5 – 14.35 | Igor Kruglov – Macho-pilgrim

The results of all semifinals can be found on esctoday.com's Ukrainian pages.

In theory, these are the 15 finalists in Ukraine:

1. Stand.up – Vidlitay
2. NeDilya – My angel
3. Tayana – Ottay
4. Ex-Presidenti – Chujoy gorod
5. Yurcash – Patriot
6. Tiana Ravi – Pozavchora
7. Foxy – Zaberi menya
8. Viktor Pavlik – Svit za viknom
9. Sergei Gavrilov – Paperoviy choven
10. Daleko – Znaky pitannya
11. Ani Lorak – Another little shot
12. Talita Kum – Lovy mene
13. Lourdes – Veter
14. Julia Korjinskaya – Freedom
15. Volya – Zemlya rodnaya

All songs can be heard on solvotele.com.ua.

However, almost half of the songs are breaking the rule stating that a song must not have been commercially released or publicly performed before 1st October 2004 in order to be eligible to enter the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

Earlier this week, NTU was not able yet to inform us how the Ukrainian selections will continue. Due to recent changes, other people are in charge of the selections. Will the national final take place next Sunday 27th February as initially planned? Will artists who qualified with an ineligible song be allowed, or forced to sing another song, or will NTU increase the number of finalists? Many answers to which esctoday.com hopes to be able to give you some answers over the next few days.