OGAE France: Annual meeting on 3rd Nov

by Edward Montebello 185 views

OGAE France is once again organising its autumn meeting in Paris on Saturday 3rd November. Two Euro-artists will attend the event known as Eurofans fait son show.

Members of OGAE France will gather in the French capital in the first weekend of November. Apart from the usual OGAE meeting, fans will play a Eurovision game and dance with Eurovision tunes. Special guests of the show will be Louisa Baileche (France 2003) and Jacques Zegers (Belgium 1984).

Louisa represented France in 2003. She finished in 18th place with the song Monts et Merveilles. Zegers received a respectable 5th place in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Luxembourg.

Entrance fee for the show is €20 while more information can be found here.

Source: OGAE France