OGAE clubs voting for their Second Chance again

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The international Eurovision Song C0ntest fan club OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs d’Eurovision) has been running their Second Chance contest since the year 1987. For this contest the national clubs send a song that took part in that country’s national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in that year, but lost out.

The 2011 edition was won by Iceland’s Johanna with the song Nótt. It was however the candidate for OGAE Rest of the world, as Iceland did not have an OGAE branch until last year. So this year’s Second Chance contest is hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the OGAE branch for people, who have no local club in their country, is currently placed.

OGAE Spain has uploaded the video of the entries below:

OGAE Second Chance 2012 presentation video

The participating clubs are now voting for their favourites and the results will be announced later this year.

 Participants in 2012 are:

01. Ireland – Donna McCaul – Mercy

02. France – Guest jury

03. Cyprus – Ivi Adamou – You don’t belong here

04. Germany – Ornella de Santis – Quietly

05. Andorra – Guest jury

06. Belgium – Iris – Safety net

07. UK – Guest jury

08. Norway – Reidun Sæther – High on love

09. Austria – Conchita Wurst – That’s what I am

10. Russia – Dima Bilan & Yulia Volkova – Back to her future

11. Greece – Cassiopeia – Killer bee

12. Israel – Guest jury

13. Lithuania- Beissoul – Why

14. Portugal- Ricardo Soler – Gratia plena

15. Poland- Guest jury

16. Rest of the World (Latvia) – Roberts Pētersons – She’s a queen

17. Luxembourg – Guest jury

18. Sweden – Danny Saucedo – Amazing

19. Spain – Pastora Soler – Tu vida es tu vida

20. Iceland- Magni Asgeirsson – Hugarró

21. Denmark- Jesper Nohrstedt – Take our hearts

22. Estonia – Lenna – Mina jään

23. Italy – Guest jury

24. Finland – Ville Eetvartti – Lasikaupunki

25. Slovenia – Eva Boto – A si sanjal me

26. The Netherlands – Raffaëla Paton – Chocolatte

Source: OGAE Second Chance Facebook