Blue Square bookmakers: Sweden to win

by Kemal Shahin 1,943 views

Bookmakers Blue Square has predicted that Sweden will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, offering odds of 6/1 on Lena Phillipsson. Meanwhile, Estonia is once again seen at the bottom of the list, with 66/1.

Sweden proves to be a favourite with bookmakers again, but Blue Sq has predicted that Lena will triumph over Belgium, the favourite of other bookies including William Hill. Blue sq is offering odds of 10/1 on Belgium.

Countries such as Serbia Montenegro and Greece are creeping up the odds. At 10/1 is Cyprus, Germany and Belgium and in third is Greece with 12/1. Previous favourites Ireland, have odds of 14/1 and the United Kingdom at 20/1. Estonia shares the bottom odds of 66/1 with Switzerland.

This years odd show how unpredictable the winner is for the 2004 contest. Bookmakers differ in there views but there is a general common pattern, placing Sweden and Belgium high.

Here at the odds of Blue Square:

Sweden 6/1
Serbia Montenegro 10/1
Belgium 10/1
Germany 10/1
Cyprus 10/1
Turkey 12/1
Russia 12/1
Malta 12/1
Greece 12/1
Ireland 14/1
Denmark 16/1
Finland 16/1
Ukraine 16/1
Spain 16/1
Poland 20/1
France 20/1
Norway 20/1
Iceland 20/1
Romania 20/1
United Kingdom 20/1
Netherlands 25/1
Croatia 25/1
FYR Macedonia 25/1
Portugal 33/1
Bosnia Herzegovina 33/1
Lithuania 40/1
Israel 40/1
Belarus 40/1
Austria 40/1
Latvia 50/1
Slovenia 50/1
Andorra 50/1
Monaco 50/1
Albania 50/1
Switzerland 66/1
Estonia 66/1