Lithuanian politician supports Linas and Simona

by Sietse Bakker 85 views

At, the couple representing Lithuania at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest opened a new website recently. Meanwhile, a Lithuanian politician has suggested that money should be put aside to help improve the image of Lithuania through the Eurovision Song Contest. Our colleagues of DotEurovision wrote that.

The website is available in Lithuanian and English and contains biographies, photos, the video of What's happened to your love and a music player with – hold tight – eight different version of their Eurovision entry.

Meanwhile, politician Gintautas �ivickas feels that the Finance Department of his government should consider paying around EUR 24,000 to cover the extra costs to promote Linas and Simona abroad. �Lithuania has just recently faced a scandalous impeachment of the president, so a good performance in the Eurovision Song Contest would help to improve our country�s image on an international level. I think it would serve Lithuania�s interests very well�, �ivickas said.

The Lithuanian national selection brought 52 songs taking part in six semi finals and a final, which isn't peanuts for LRT's budget. The approximate EUR 80,000 the selection procedure and the clip of What's happened to your love costed has come from LRT, with help from sponsors and the artists. �The government�s help would be greatly appreciated�, Linas added. It's not the first time that politicians show interest in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lithuania performs in the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest, on 12th May.

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