Sakis Rouvas: “Blablabla when I forget the words

by Martti Immonen 328 views

Sakis Rouvas, who will represent Greece at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song Shake it, had an interview with Bettina Sågbom at FST (Finnish Swedish Television) in Helsinki, Finland.

Bettina Sågbom had the oppurtunity to meet Sakis Rouvas in her talkshow Bettina S. “When you are nervous, anything can happen (…) and if I forget the words, I will just sing blablabla”, he said to Bettina. Sakis also explained that the live audience makes him feel comfortable, even when 200 million people are watching.

Meanwhile, the Greek broadcaster Star Channel reported that the remixed version of Shake it will be the version for the Eurovision Song Contest. If this version also can be found on the album with all songs is unknown.