Madrid Pride Dazzles with Eurovision and Benidorm Fest Extravaganza!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 247 views

The 2024 Madrid Pride was a vibrant explosion of color, music, and unity, and Spain’s national broadcaster, RTVE, ensured the party reached a Eurovision-worthy crescendo! RTVE rolled through the parade with their very own carriage, a kaleidoscope of celebration themed around Eurovision and the ever-popular Benidorm Fest.

Eurovision fans were in for a treat as the carriage overflowed with past and present stars. Nemo, the reigning champion from Switzerland with their winning song ‘The Code’, brought their infectious energy to the crowd. Joining them were Megara, San Marino’s 2024 hopefuls, and Spain’s own Nebulossa, whose Benidorm Fest victory launched them onto the international stage.

Several Benidorm Fest acts graced the carriage too: Quique Niza, MARLENA, Yoly Saa. The Spanish Eurovision commentators Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela were also present.

The excitement wasn’t just for the performers. Maria Eizaguirre, Head of Communication and Participation at RTVE, was there to soak up the atmosphere alongside Lluis Guillera, a familiar face from RTVE news, and Marc Caldero, the charismatic host of Benidorm Fest 2024. Their presence underscored RTVE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, values that resonate deeply with both the Eurovision and Pride communities.

As the carriage rolled through the jubilant crowds, the energy was electric. The air vibrated with music, cheers, and the sheer joy of celebrating individuality. RTVE’s participation wasn’t just a spectacle; it was a powerful symbol of unity, showcasing how music and self-expression can transcend borders and create a space for everyone to shine.

The 2024 Madrid Pride will undoubtedly be remembered for its vibrancy and inclusivity, and RTVE’s participation ensured that the Eurovision spirit of togetherness resonated throughout the celebration. So next time you think Eurovision, remember the dazzling display of unity that unfolded on the streets of Madrid!

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Source: RTVE
Photo credit: RTVE