Switzerland: Nemo to release an orchestra version of The Code

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The Eurovision circus has set its feet in Malmö, Sweden, where in a bit more than ten days a new winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will be crowned. And as rehearsals are well underway on the magnificent stage, some acts continue reinventing their Eurovision entries in new and innovative ways. So is Nemo from Switzerland, who has recorded an orchestra version of The code.

This year’s Eurovision entrant from Switzerland Nemo has done it again. After releasing their The code on 29 February the 24 year-old singer has kept on working on the song. So they went back to their childhood stage of Stadttheater Biel to record a glamourous orchestra version.

Putting orchestra back to Eurovision songs

This new version is only the latest of a series of versions The code that Nemo has been releasing in the past weeks. These include an acoustic version with voice and piano, as well as a remix in collaboration with Felix Jaehn.

However, this orchestra version with the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn goes beyond what Eurofans have previously received for one reason: Nemo is wearing a copy of the famous dress that Céline Dion wore during her winning performance of Ne partez pas sans moi at Eurovision 1988. Stadttheater Biel has released only a reel of the performance on their Facebook profile, as the full video will be accessible on different platforms on Friday 10 May 2024.

The acoustic version

The Felix Jaehn remix

Photo credit: Rouven Niedermaier