Luxembourg: Tali releases the Eurovision version of ‘Fighter’

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 659 views

The 2024 Luxembourgish Eurovision hopeful, Tali, has released the revamped ‘Eurovision’ version of her ESC entry ‘Fighter’ along with its official music video.

Tali, the 2024 Luxembourgish Eurovision representative, has released a new version of her Eurovision entry ‘Fighter‘ along with the official music video. Huaskar Alcon is the choreographer behind Tali’s choreography in the music video. Whilst Jonathan Steuer has been the man who has behind the music video creative concept.

RTL Luxembourg’s official press release reads:

The creative mind behind the clip is the 21-year-old, very talented Jonathan Steuer. The French director and metteur en scène has a very special way of creating music clips and therefore mixes elements from film, spectacle, photography as well as theater.

The choreographer is Huaskar Alcon, who, together with stars like Jennifer Lopez and BTS, is one of the biggest Korean bands in the world.

The shooting, in which around 20 people were involved, was in the box in one day. The whole process, from the idea to the shooting, took about two weeks.

Tali was crowned the winner of the 2024 Luxembourgish national final- Luxembourg Song Contest with her song ‘Fighter‘.

Luxembourg is all set to return to the Eurovision Song Contest next year after an absence of 30 years after hosting a  magnificent national final.

Photo credit: Dani Reuter | RTL Luxembourg
Source: RTL Luxembourg