Norway: Gåte win Melodi Grand Prix 2024!

by Stefano 1,683 views

Good evening Europe and Australia, this is Trondheim calling! The final of Melodi Grand Prix 2024 aired live tonight from the great North. What to say, Norway delivered once again. After three successful semi-finals it came down to the top nine contestants. Only one could win: it is Gåte with the entry Ulveham!

The 62nd edition of Melodi Grand Prix belongs to the history books already. They were 18 at the beginning of the competition at the beginning of January, and they were only nine on stage tonight. Live from Trondheim the name of the winner was proclaimed after the combined vote of the public and the international jury.

The show started off with the performance of last year’s representative Alessandra and the presentation of the finalists. Eurofans will recognise two former Eurovision entrants: KEiiNO (2019) and Margaret Berger (2013). Hosts of the night were Fredrik Solvang and Marion Ravn.

The running order

These were tonight’s contestants:

  • KEiiNO – Damdiggida
  • Annprincess Save Me
  • Gothminister – We Come Alive
  • Ingrid Jasmin – Eya
  • MIIA – Green Lights
  • Margaret Berger – Oblivion
  • Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly Of Me
  • Gåte – Ulveham
  • Super Rob, Erika Norwich – My AI

The international jury vote

After all nine great performances and the usual entertaining interval act, the international juries presented their votes and delivered the following ranking:

  1. KEiiNO – Damdiggida with 98 points
  2. Gåte – Ulveham with 76 points
  3. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly Of Me with 58 points
  4. MIIA – Green Lights with 54 points
  5. Super Rob, Erika Norwich – My AI with 45 points
  6. Gothminister – We Come Alive with 35 points
  7. Margaret Berger – Oblivion with 26 points
  8. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya with 22 points
  9. Annprincess – Save Me with 16 points

International juries came from: Great Britain, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, The Netherlands, Iceland, Czechia and Sweden. More former Eurovision entrants graced the stage of the final in an exciting medley: Ulrikke (2020), Bobbysocks! (1985), Tix (2021), Alexander Rybak (2009, 2018), as well as Carola (Sweden, 1983, 1991 and 2006).

The final results

60% of tonight’s results were established by the televote. After an exciting points revealing sequence this is the final ranking:

  1. Gåte – Ulveham with 250 points
  2. KEiiNO – Damdiggida with 244 points
  3. Super Rob, Erika Norwich – My AI with 165 points
  4. Gothminister – We Come Alive with 115 points
  5. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly Of Me with 105 points
  6. MIIA – Green Lights with 76 points
  7. Margaret Berger – Oblivion with 45 points
  8. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya with 42 points
  9. Annprincess – Save Me with 33 points

Therefore, the band Gåte with the entry Ulveham was proclaimed winner and will receive the honour of representing the Nordic country at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Norway is set to compete in the second half of the second semi final on Thursday 9 May 2024.

Norway in Eurovision

The Scandinavian country debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 and has won the competition three times: 1985 (Bobbysocks!), 1995 (Secret Garden) and 2009 (Alexander Rybak).

The Nordic country has successfully hosted the competition three times, once in Bergen and twice in Oslo and has partaken in Europe’s favourite television show 61 times.

Alessandra represented Norway at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest with her epic entry Queen of Kings, achieving an honourable 5th place in the Grand Final.