ESC 2023: Liverpool earns £55m by hosting Eurovision

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The City of Liverpool has revealed today that it has made a net profit of 55 million pounds by hosting the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest has been a win win project for Liverpool, boosting its economy and showcasing the city on the global scene.

Liverpool embraced the Eurovision Song Contest with open arms and made the Eurovision experience an unforgettable one both for fans and visitors!

Liverpool showcased itself in the best of ways via the Eurovision Song Contest welcoming delegations, artists, Eurovision fans, visitors to join the mega Eurovision party.

Eurovision  fans from all over the world landed in Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest and contributed to boosting the city’s economy by spending money on accommodation, hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, sightseeing tours and shops.

306, 000 visitors visited Liverpool’s city centre during the Eurovision period in order to attend the various Eurovision events the city had to offer.

  • Liverpool made a net proift of circa 54.8 million pounds by hosting Eurovision
  • The special Eurovision education and community  programs reached 2 million people
  • 475 volunteers contributed to 12,000 hours of Eurovision activities
  • 87% of people thought the ESC promoted positive feelings across the competing nations
  • 162 million viewers tuned in to watch the three BBC live shows throughout the world
  • 328, 326 engaged with the 2 week Eurofestival
  • 99% of OGAE members loved Liverpool’s atmosphere and city welcome
  • 96% of the Eurovision nightlife participants would recommend Liverpool as a destination
  • The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool geared up 280,000 pieces of global news coverage
  • Venues in Liverpool welcomed 473, 000 attendees for ESC events
  • 175,000 city centre hotel rooms were sold in May in Liverpool – the best since 2018
  • The visitors included 31,000 from outside the UK, with fans from 49 countries at the main live shows
  • 250,000 visitors visited the Eurovision Village over the span of 10 days

Claire McColgan CBE (Liverpool Culture Director) says:

Quite simply, it was an honour to deliver Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine and the UK. I’ve never known time move so fast as it did across those seven months and it has been a real pleasure to digest these impact reports and relive the experience once again and reassure myself it wasn’t just a crazy dream! They underline the fact Liverpool has the skill, agency-wide teamwork and the creativity to deliver time and time again.

So I’d like to say to everyone – whether you worked on the event, donned those iconic yellow hoodies and volunteered, performed on stage or on our streets, danced at the Village, sang along at the arena or perhaps you discovered more about Ukraine in the classroom or even helped evaluate the event – thank you. You made Eurovision. Liverpool made Eurovision. We were all united by music.

Jean Philip De Tender (EBU Deputy Director) says:

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest, as we know, was held in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine who could not stage the Contest. The way the BBC and this city embraced this task with was truly remarkable.

From the celebration of Ukrainian culture around the city and on screen to the warmest welcome imaginable – both Liverpool and the BBC excelled not only in its display of solidarity but its creativity in producing one of the most, if not the most, memorable Eurovision Song Contest in our 67-year history.

The hard work and investment from all stakeholders over the past 12 months was born out in the huge impact the event had internationally – both on TV, musically and the engagement of literally hundreds of millions around the world online. The international reach of the Eurovision Song Contest is truly unparalleled.

Liam Robinson (Liverpool Council Leader) says:

Jobs were created, local businesses were on the receiving end of a much-needed boost and hundreds of thousands of people came to the city, had a great time and are more than likely to return again.

Mr. Stuart Andrew (Culture Minister) says:

This research demonstrates the positive impact of hosting major events and I hope that we can continue to build on this success.

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