Italy: Marco Mengoni releases new album ‘Materia (Prisma)’

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Marco Mengoni, one of the most sought after Italian singers today, has released a new album ‘Materia (Prisma)’  which concludes the trilogy after Materia (Terra) and Materia (Pelle).

Marco Mengoni’s new album contains 11 tracks including his Eurovision 2023 entry ‘Due Vite and his latest single in duet with Elodie ‘Pazza Musica‘. The album has been released by Epic Records and Sony Music Italy.

Marco Mengoni has an extensive 13 year old career: 7 albums, 69 platinum discs and more than 1,800 million streams.

Marco Mengoni says:

I have conceived, experienced and written this album analyzing moods and types of behavior, from the most carnal or less rational to the most common and well-known, trying to show a filtered vision of what human nature has revealed to me.

Marco Mengoni and Giovanni Pallotti have been the album’s musical direction. Marco has personally produced and arranged the backing vocals of the tracks.

Materia (Prisma)

  1. Due Vite
  2. Fiori D’orgoglio (Ft. Ernia)
  3. Pazza Musica (Marco Mengoni & Elodie)
  4. Incenso
  5. Un’Altra Storia
  6. Appunto 5-Non Sonno Questo
  7. In Tempo
  8. The Damned of the Earth
  9. Lasciami Indietro
  10. Due Nuvole
  11. Fiori D’Orgoglio (Solo)

The Sony Music press release reads:

This album, which closes the trilogy, allows us to enjoy a vision of reality through different points of view and perspectives, revealing and encompassing a world of hidden and unique nuances. Each object, each person, each story and each trip acquire different meanings and keys to interpretation depending on the point of view through which we observe them.This represents enormous wealth for those who approach it without judging it.


Marco Mengoni & Eurovision

Marco Mengoni is one of Italy’s most celebrated singers today, having won the Sanremo Song Festival twice (2013, 2023). Marco has represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Song with flying colours twice in 2013 placing 7th and in 2023 where he achieved an honorable 4th place in the Grand Final with ‘Due Vite‘.

Source: Sony Music Spain/ ESCToday
Photo credit: Marco Mengoni