Faroe Islands: KVF sets its eyes on potential EBU membership

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,396 views

Will we see the Faroe Islands debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future? The Faroese national broadcaster KVF has set its eyes on a potential EBU membership and ultimately a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

KVF, the Faroese national broadcaster, is vying to join the EBU and compete at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Faroese broadcaster is quite keen on competing at the Eurovision Song Contest ever since the very first Faroese graced the Eurovision stage last weekend. Reiley who hails from the Faroe Islands represented Denmark at Eurovision 2023.

KVF is planning to kick off its EBU membership application before the summer holidays.

Ivan Niclasen (KVF CEO) says:

Our ultimate aim with this application is independent Faroese participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

EBU membership is the first step. If we succeed with that, our next aim is Eurovision. This contest is currently for independent states only, but perhaps we can obtain some sort of associate membership first, and then we can work from there. By next spring, I expect we will have a much clearer idea of our chances.

We must note that the Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. In order to join the EBU countries must be members of either the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) or the Council of Europe. The Faroe Islands are in neither of of two entities as an independent territory but as part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Source: KVF
Photo credit: EBU