Slovenia: Discover Joker Out’s ‘Carpe Diem’

by Stefano 739 views

Another day, another exciting reveal for the 2023 Eurovision season! Tonight we turn to Slovenia to discover their entry for Liverpool. Are you ready? Here comes Carpe Diem.

A couple of months ago Slovenia broadcaster RTV SLO revealed that the Balkan country will be represented by the group Joker Out in Liverpool next May. Tonight a special song premier show took place in Ljubljana. Here is what we discovered from Misija Liverpool, a show which took us through the Eurovision journey of the band so far and the creation of their special Eurovision entry.

The group Joker Out will bring the song Carpe Diem to the United Kingdom. The entry in Slovenian was premiered tonight. The show saw the special appearance of Konstrakta, who came 5th in Turin representing Serbia with the entry In corpore sano.

Slovenia is set to start their 2023 Eurovision adventure in the second half of the second semi final on Thursday 11 May.