Tonight: MESC 2023 continues in Malta with its 3rd Quarter Final

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 499 views

We are off to the sunny shores of Malta tonight, where the 2023 Maltese national selection -MESC is set to continue with its Third Quarter Final.

MESC 2023  consists of six televised shows: 4 quarter finals, a semifinal and a Grand Final.

How to watch?

You can watch the Third Quarter Final of MESC 2023 at 21:00 CET via the following channels:

About the show

A total of 14 acts will be competing during tonight’s show. The qualifiers will proceed to the semifinal after a combined jury-public televoting deliberation.  The show will be hosted by Ryan and Josmar.

The competing acts

  1. Andre’ – «Broken Hill»
  2. Bradley Debono«Blackout»
  3. Cheryl Balzan«La La Land»
  4. James Louis«Dream»
  5. Dominic & Anna«Whatever Wind May Blow»
  6. Greta Tude «Sound Of My Stilettos»
  7. Ryan Hili«In The Silence»
  8. Jessika «Unapologetic»
  9. Stefan Galea «Heartbreaker»
  10. Giada«I Depend On You»
  11. John Galea «Trailblazer»
  12. Jake«Love You Like That»
  13. Chris Grech«Indescribable»
  14. Maria Christina«Our Flame»

About MESC 2023

The 2023 Maltese national selection  consists of four phases. A total of 40 songs will compete in the quarterfinals. The semifinal will feature a total 24 songs, the top 16 entries will proceed to the Grand Final.

MESC 2023 Timeline

  • 13/01/2022- Quarter Final #1
  • 20/01/2022-Quarter Final #2
  • 27/01/2022-Quarter Final #3
  • 03/02/2022-Quarter Final #4
  • 09/02/2023- MESC 2023 Semifinal
  • 11/02/2023- MESC 2023 Grand Final

Malta in Eurovision

Malta debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 and is yet to win the competition. The Mediterranean island’s best result in the competition has been a second placing achieved in 2002 (Ira Losco) and 2005 (Chiara).

Malta has competed 34 times at the Eurovision Song Contest, next year will mark the country’s 35th ESC participation.

In 2022 Emma Muscat represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with hery entry ‘ I Am What I Am’.