Greece: ERT shortlists potential Eurovision entries for Liverpool

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,147 views

ERT, the Greek national broadcaster, has released the shortlist of the seven potential Greek Eurovision 2023 acts and entries.

Earlier today a special demoscopic  committee consisting of Greek citizens listened to the potential Eurovision entries. A total of seven acts are in the final shortlist of contenders vying to represent Greece at Eurovision 2023:

  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Monica– I’m Proud
  • Victor Vernikos– Whatever they say
  • Leon of Athens– Somewhere to go
  • Claudia– Holy Water
  • Konstantina Iosifidou– We are Young
  • Maria Maragou & Antonia Kaouri– Shout Out

The 2023 Greek Eurovision entry and act will be selected via a combined demoscopic Greek public committee- special jury deliberation.

ERT’s press release reads:

Seven songs were rated today at ERT ‘s Radio Megaro by the 70 members of the Audience Committee , which for the first time participates in this way in the selection process of the song that will represent our country at this year’s Eurovision , which will be held in May in Liverpool. 

The voting took place in Studio E of ERT, which had been set up especially for today. The 7 songs were rated, just like in Eurovision, while a notary certified the votes of the 70 members before they were placed in the ballot box.

It is reminded that the final selection of ERT will be shaped by today’s vote, which will highlight the most popular songs, and by the corresponding vote of the 7-member Committee of ERT, with a weighting factor of 50.6% in the vote of the Audience Committee, compared to 49.4% of the vote of the ERT Committee.

The 70 members of the Audience Committee were selected based on pre-announced criteria for the age representation of the audience following a lottery that took place among the 2,982 entries received by ERT on its platform .


Source: ERT
Photo credit: ERT