Ukraine: National Final date set for 17 December

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UA:PBC, the Ukrainian national broadcaster, has announced today that the 2023 Ukrainian national final will be held in December.

Save the date: 17 December 2022! Ukraine, the reinging Eurovision champs, will be determining its Eurovision act and entry just before Christmas. The 2023 Ukrainian national aka Vidbir 2023 is scheduled to be held in a bomb shelter in Kyiv on 17 December.

UA:PBC received more than 384 entries from 229 artists for Vidbir 2023.

Dmytro Shurov ( Ukrainian National Final Producer) says:

I would like this Vidbir to discover new outstanding creative names and make people feel touched and good about this music. I must say, which is quite unexpected for me, this job is based on psychology because you have to raise musicians from sort of a bottom, motivate them. A lot of musicians that you will hear at Vidbir, made a song to be heard at Vidbir probably because of this Vidbir and, again because of it, resumed doing music. I see my function in this and I am very happy about it.

UA: PBC will be revealing the names of the competing acts at Vidbir 2023 by the end of October.

Ukraine in Eurovision

Ukraine debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and has achieved great results in the competition, having won the contest thrice (2004, 2016, 2022). The country has enjoyed extraordinary results in the competition: 3 victories (2004, 2016, 2022), 2 2nd placings ( 2007, 2008),  1 3rd placing (2013),  1 4th placing (2011), 1 5th placing (2021).  Ukraine is the only country which has never missed to qualify to the Grand Final since the introduction of the semi-finals in the competition.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with their entry ‘Stefania‘.




Source: UA:PBC
Photo credit: Corinne Cummings/ EBU