Ireland: Eimear Quinn releases a new single with Sarah Classs

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 376 views

The 1996 Irish Eurovision winner, Eimear Quinn, has released a new single with Sarah Class ‘Naiades of Nymphes’.

Eimar Quinn and Sarah Class have joined forces and released a beautiful aria together. ‘Naides of Nymphes’ has been written and produced by Sarah Class whilst the lyrics are by Saphho in Ancient Greek.

The press release reads:

Naiades of Nymphes was originally inspired by the beautiful holy waterfall at Nymphes on the lushly verdant island of Corfu.

Sarah’s love of Greece, its ancient history and mythology is woven together through the magical lens the natural world.

With fragments of poetry taken from the ancient Greek poet Sappho who lived around 615BC, the song harnesses female energy, and of the Naiades, spiritual elemental beings, said to protect lakes, streams, waterfalls and other fresh water sources. It is about the positive energy of women and female relationships.

In the text Sappho is longing for her lover who lives far away in the town of Sardis. The piece is written in the form of an aria duet between Sarah and Irish singer and composer, Eimear Quinn.

Naiades of Nymphes is not only a dedication to Sarah and Eimear’s long standing friendship but to female love and friendship in all its forms.

Eimear Quinn won the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with her entry ‘The Voice’, thus giving Ireland its 7th Eurovision victory.



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