OGAE Poll 2022 kicks off with the results from OGAE France

by Stefano Casellini 3,841 views

Bonsoir Paris! Fans from the runner-up at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, OGAE France kicks off the 2022 OGAE poll. We have our first set of 12 points!

The international vote from Eurofans all over Europe and Australia for the 2022 OGAE international poll has begun! These are the votes from the OGAE France, published as always on the website of OGAE international:

  • 12 points to Italy
  • 10 points to Sweden
  • 8 points to The Netherlands
  • 7 points to the United Kingdom
  • 6 points to Poland
  • 5 points to Spain
  • 4 points to Finland
  • 3 points to Norway
  • 2 points to Austria
  • 1 point to Ukraine

213 members of OGAE France casted their votes. The first top score goes to last year’s winner Italy! Mahmood and Blanco enter this 2022 OGAE campaign the best possible way. 43 fanclubs are announced to partake in this year’s international poll.


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